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To agree that the word was the first, we will come up to the track to reach the highest values of human being individually and collectively… This human being gathers in one time, within his development, the love of freedom and yearning to it and work to be achieved while he tolerates oppression. The human procession has proved that whenever piled up the oppression and accumulated of arrogance would rotate into contrasting state.

Because the word was the first, our page is eager to the contribution of everyone who believes in freedom and dignity and defends them and advocates activists to shift up their magnitude…

Since the first word was born in Iraq, the cradle of civilizations, just as the birthplace of the first law legislation…and because Iraq is a stockpile of great events that turned into a book which shows the suffering of its people from occupations and injustice of internal and external calamitous and who were revolted steadfastly and expelled the occupiers and who were then stood up conceitedly as their date-palm do, beautiful and generous…. For all of these things, this site is a true partnership of people who defend freedom in Iraq and in all green parts of the globe … The question of freedom is one for every mankind…. It would be preserved by cooperation between a pen and a pen and by lining up a letter with a letter towards a true news function by the word and image.

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